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Control and measurement We provide services of design, equipments procurement, equipment and network installation, startup, warranty and post warranty services for control and instrumentation systems. The systems ensure : parameter measurements, central control, control of process parameters, process control by parameters control, process control using programmable logic controllers or process computers, environment control.

Electrical installations We provide services of design and engineering, equipment procurement, medium and low voltage installation erecting startup, warranty and post warranty services, technical assistance : indoor and outdoor lighting installations, lightning and grounding installations, AC and DC electrical drives, power factor correction systems installation, control and distribution boards, accesories for signal and power cables, self regulated devices for pipes and tanks, varistor surge arresters.

Mechanical systems and components We produce different types of mechanical systems and components. Low dimension systems and components like cable trays and supports for automation or power distrbution systems, covered or opened installation, clamps for cables or piping, distribution and control panels, protection and junction boxes. Medium dimension components and systems like lighting poles, metallic platforms and stairways indoor or outdoor, storage containers for construction materials, poles for emission/reception antennas. Fittings or other pipe connecting devices : for pressure and temperature transducers, for industrial and air instrumentation. Modular containers for multiple purposes like site facilities ((sanitary, lockers, small workshops, lunch rooms, meeting rooms, offices, smoking places)), analyzers houses for petrochemical processes, technical houses for different industrial processes. We provide complete integrated containers systems and all related services from initial engineering through manufacturing

Security systems We provide services of design, equipment procurement, installation of security systems, warranty and postwarranty service. Fire detection systems : smoke or flare detection, alarms, interconnecting with existing controller. Automatic fire extinguishing systems : detection, automatic extinguishing with CO2, INERGEN, technical assistance. Efraction : detection of human presence, tentative glass, door, walls or safe penetration, interconnection with other systems. Phone or video-phone networks (voice,data, CCTV). Access control systems : unauthorised trespass blocking, authorised person registration, interconnectivity with other systems.

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